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Polyphonic Overtone Singing


Polyphonic Overtone Singing Demonstrated by Anna-Maria Hefele | Colossal
This is a great video of polyphonic overtone singing by Anna-Maria Hefele, where she precisely demonstrates the almost inhuman ability to create a harmony of two notes at a time using a single breath. Overtone singing is the same technique used by Tuvan (or Mongolian) throat singers of which there
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Bill Cooley Interview

A native of Santa Barbara, CA, Bill moved to Nashville in 1985. A dozen years later he was called “one of Nashville’s most respected sidemen” by Guitar Player Magazine. However, there’s more to him than just his work as an accompanist. As a songwriter, Bill’s had his songs recorded by Kathy and Reba, among others. As an arranger, Bill played an important role on Kathy’s last three albums: 2003′s “Joy for Christmas Day,” 2005′s “Right Out of Nowhere,” and 2008′s Grammy-nominated “Coal,” where Bill was a part of the small, …

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Bing & Ruth on making 2014′s most golden album | Dazed
Speaking to David Moore of New York composing collective Bing & Ruth about why he’s picking up his instruments
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Chip Ritter Stick Trick DVD Review

Brought to you by Lindsay Bird Drumming(LBIRD44)
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Special thanks to Chip Ritter!
Chip Ritter: http://www.chipritter.com

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Trey Hensley Interview

Keeping true to the roots of country music is not only a lovely sentiment of nostalgia, but a necessity for the growth of an artist…and staying true to the roots just comes naturally for Trey Hensley. After picking up a guitar at the age of 10, he quickly took the bluegrass world by storm —even performing on the Grand Ole Opry when he was 11. Several years ago, the artist followed his heart and interests into the world of Country music.
Now, with his second country CD, titled “It Is What …

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Aaron Cooley Interview

Aaron Cooley grew up in Nashville, TN in a rich musical environment. After picking up guitar at a young age, he moved to Boulder, CO in 2005. Cutting his teeth in different Folk, Reggae, and Blues bands, he founded the Rock band Gang Forward, in 2010. The band released their debut album “Secret Wars” in August 2011 under NLM Records and are about to release their follow up EP “Oblivion” this winter.
“Gang Forward is like Red Bull that you drink through your ears. They had me close to a …

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New Video From Noturnall

Official Link to the new NOTURNALL’s video!
Nocturnal Human Side LIVE!
Featuring Russell Allen (SymphonyX/Adrenaline Mob)
Link oficial para o novo vídeo clipe da NOTURNALL -
Nocturnal Human Side LIVE!
Featuring Russell Allen (Symphony X/Adrenaline Mob)

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Exclusive Interview: Sam Stout

Sam Stout lives close to Granville Tennessee, in Cookville. He started playing guitar when he was nine. “My dad is a Dobro player,” he says. “I came from a musical family. I’ve been around it all of my life.”
A few years ago, Sam was in Granville for the annual Heritage Day festival, and he ducked into the general store to cool off. The old store had been in disrepair until Harold and Beverly Sutton (no relation to the original owner) refurbished it and planned a grand reopening in conjunction with …

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Merrill Clark Podcast

Check out the Mel Bay Exclusive Podcast with Recording Artist Merrill Clark

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Ivy Philips Interview

Ivy Phillips is more than just your average kid from Chapmansboro, TN. She is an all around musician and state fiddle champion. Ivy first became interested in the fiddle after watching her brother take lessons at a local college. Within the next year, at the age of three, she begged to take them too. Being home schooled and working very hard at a young age, she started competing at local festivals and making many bluegrass friends. Today at the age of twelve, she has won several state titles, plays in …