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Exclusive Interview: Sam Stout

Sam Stout lives close to Granville Tennessee, in Cookville. He started playing guitar when he was nine. “My dad is a Dobro player,” he says. “I came from a musical family. I’ve been around it all of my life.”
A few years ago, Sam was in Granville for the annual Heritage Day festival, and he ducked into the general store to cool off. The old store had been in disrepair until Harold and Beverly Sutton (no relation to the original owner) refurbished it and planned a grand reopening in conjunction with …

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Merrill Clark Podcast

Check out the Mel Bay Exclusive Podcast with Recording Artist Merrill Clark

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Ivy Philips Interview

Ivy Phillips is more than just your average kid from Chapmansboro, TN. She is an all around musician and state fiddle champion. Ivy first became interested in the fiddle after watching her brother take lessons at a local college. Within the next year, at the age of three, she begged to take them too. Being home schooled and working very hard at a young age, she started competing at local festivals and making many bluegrass friends. Today at the age of twelve, she has won several state titles, plays in …

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Mike Compton Interview

Born in Meridian, Mississippi (hometown to the legendary Jimmie Rodgers) in 1956, Mike grew up hearing old-time country music, and took up the mandolin as a teenager. Drawn to the powerful mix of old-time fiddle stylings, blues influences and pure creativity embodied in Monroe’s playing, he moved to Nashville in 1977 and quickly found work with veteran banjoist and former Monroe sideman Hubert Davis. Compton made his first recordings with Davis, but by the middle of the 1980′s, he was recruited by Pat Enright and Alan O’Bryant to help found …

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Tom Bills Podcast

“Every great work of art conveys a message and hints at a mystery that is built into its framework and beautifully woven into its design and execution, that’s the way I create my instruments.”-TB
“For me success is not about the quantity of guitars or the big names that play them, It’s not about my own fame or recognition, it’s about the quality of my craft and more importantly to me, the story that it tells. After all, my guitars will be here speaking into the hearts and lives of all …

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G. R. Davis Interview

Garnett R. (G.R.) Davis is Adjunct Artist Teacher of Tuba and Euphonium at Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University, where he
currently teaches pre-college students. He has been an adjunct tuba professor at Tennessee State University, Fisk University,
Belmont University, Lipscomb University and Murray State University in the past. He holds the B.S. Degree in Music Education
from the University of North Alabama and the M.M Degree in Tuba Performance from Indiana University where he was a graduate
teaching assistant to Harvey G. Phillips. He also studied with William J. Bell at Indiana University.
Mr. …

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Terry “Goose” Downing Interview

Terry “Goose” Downing has been working as a professional musician since 1990. He began playing music in Jacksonville, NC in 1978. He has since worked with country artist Razzy Bailey, Ken Mellons, and Blues greats Roscoe Shelton, Earl Gaines, Clifford Curry, and Miranda Louise. As well as Chicago/Baton Rouge great Henry Gray. Long standing member with local favorites, Delicious Blues Stew, Three Pea Soup and is currently working with Shaun Murphy Band. Goose also performs locally with other songwriters, teaches guitar, and has a home studio, where he produces projects …

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Moon Hooch at NPR

Moon Hooch: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR
Two saxophonists and a drummer call what they make “cave music” — but it’s just as powerful at the Tiny Desk. See the trio blend elements of jazz, rock and aggressive dance tracks.
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Kayton Roberts Interview

Kayton Roberts is originally from Ona, Florida. After meeting Chubby Wise (Hank Snow’s fiddler at the time) at a barbershop in northern Florida, Kayton left his job in the appliance department at Sears to play rhythm guitar with Hank Snow. He moved to Nashville in 1967. The next year he moved to the steel in Hank’s band, and stayed there for the next 30 years. During this time, Kayton toured across the country and around the world with Hank Snow’s Rainbow Ranch Boys, and played on the Grand Ole Opry …