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Strick Tricks by Chip Ritter

Watch Chip Ritter perform various stick tricks at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim California.
Chip Ritter’s MelBay StickTricks DVD is available here: http://www.melbay.com/Products/21724DVD/stick-tricks.aspx and as an Instant Download!

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Bongo Drum in Jazz

Trevor is a best selling author with Mel Bay Publications including Fun with Bongos, The Bongo Book, Bongo Drumming:Beyond the Basics, Afro-Latin Polyrhythms, Afro-Cuban Rhythms Volume 1 & 2, Art of Arabic Drumming DVD, Afro-Cuban Percussion Play Along CD/Chart, The Art of Bongo Drumming DVD, School of Bongos, First Lessons Conga, First Lessons Bongo.

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Brazil’s Best!!

Mel Bay Author Aquiles Priester Voted Best Brazilian Drummer for 13th Time

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Paula Jo Taylor Interview

Paula Jo Taylor plays incredible lead guitar. So much that she easily puts her male counterparts to shame. Not only will she mesmerize you with her guitar playing but her comedy will keep you in stitches. Though she writes many serious heart felt songs, she is especially blessed with the gift of writing comedy songs. Enough to have had several of her songs cut by major label comedy artist Cledus T. Judd. She has had her songs played by comedy DJ’s Bob and Tom among others.
She has played lead guitar …

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Exclusive Tim May Interview

This is Tim’s Artist Interview with Erica Lee. Time also teaches a Mel Bay Pro lick on guitar.

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Exclusive Debbie Watts Interview

Debbie Mathis Watts knew that she was a born entertainer at the tender age of three. Growing up in a rural area just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, the only performing arts in town were private piano lessons. Though Debbie hungered for more cultural advantages, such as dance class and children’s theatre, she parlayed her piano training into a college music scholarship. Getting much on-the-job training as a singer-hostess at Opryland, USA, Debbie completed her college degree with a teaching major, always having performing in the back of her mind. She …

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Erik Sullivan Interview

Erik Sullivan grew up in Northern California with a family whose roots dug deep into music. He learned how to play guitar at age 8 with the mentoring of his father and his grandfather. With a love for instruments and a passion for music he began a career at Gibson Guitars and quickly moved his way up the ladder to manager. Not only was he able to work with instruments he was also able to use them to create wonderful music. His career launched when he went on to record …

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Ton Drenon Interview

Tom Drenon III was born in Jesup, Georgia. His most vivid childhood memory is listening to country music with his father who also played guitar and hearing Dolly Parton’s song “Joshua”. He found himself keeping the tempo and beat to the music. He remembers at that moment; he decided he wanted to be a drummer. He has to this day, never questioned that calling in his life and never compromised his desire to play drums and entertain as his life-long career.
In the late eighties, Tom moved to Atlanta to attend …

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Polyphonic Overtone Singing


Polyphonic Overtone Singing Demonstrated by Anna-Maria Hefele | Colossal
This is a great video of polyphonic overtone singing by Anna-Maria Hefele, where she precisely demonstrates the almost inhuman ability to create a harmony of two notes at a time using a single breath. Overtone singing is the same technique used by Tuvan (or Mongolian) throat singers of which there
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John Heinrich Interview

John was born on October 26, 1951, in Poughkeepsie New York. He moved to Lexington Kentucky in 1957 with his Parents. In 1964, John got his first Guitar and soon after was playing in bands with friends around his neighborhood. In 1970, John went to the University of Kentucky to major in stand-up Bass but soon realized that he was thinking in terms of Melody, “I knew that if I was going to work I needed to find a melody instrument.” John Had already begun playing the Lap Steel in …